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Anxiety or Panic Attacks


Childhood Trauma

Physical Abuse

Sexual Abuse

Post Traumatic Stress

Witness to violence



Trouble Sleeping

Brooding or Worrying

Relationship Problems

Low Self-Esteem


What Is EMDR?

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a powerful and effective therapy for the treatment of trauma.  EMDR therapy incorporates eye movements or other bilateral stimulation into a comprehensive approach that processes and releases information trapped in the mind and body, freeing people from disturbing images and body sensations, debilitating emotions, and restrictive beliefs.  This revolutionary therapy has helped millions of people of all ages recover from such traumas as war, accidents, assaults, disasters, and childhood abuse.  EMDR has been extensively researched as a treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and is considered to be an evidenced-based therapy.  

In addition to the treatment of PTSD, EMDR is also used to treat the psychological effects of smaller traumas that manifest in symptoms of depression, anxiety, phobias, low self-esteem, creativity blocks, and relationship difficulties.  Not only does healing occur much more rapidly than in traditional therapy, but as a result of EMDR's clearing of emotional and physical blockages, many people also experience a sense of joy, openness, and deep connection with others.  EMDR is a quantum leap in the human ability to heal trauma and maladaptive beliefs.  

What problems are helped by EMDR?
The studies to date show a high degree of effectiveness treating anxiety related to: 

How do I know if EMDR is right for me?

There are a number factors to consider when evaluating the appropriateness of EMDR therapy for a client's particular situation and history. During your initial consultation with Maureen, all the relevant factors will be discussed in full to help you both come to a decision to move forward with EMDR.

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